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ArtPapel Fine Bookbinding and stationery

ArtPapel is a young and dynamic company dedicated to artistic bookbinding, fine stationery, and papers design. Created in 2007 by Giuliano Camilleri, a Italian book conservator and Alicia Oceja López  Spanish bookbinder, ArtPapel is located in Santillana del Mar, a little medieval town in the north of Spain, close to the Altamira Caves “Sixtina Chapel of Prehistoric Age”.

From the care and conservation of rare books to the creation of journals, diary, photo albums and fine stationery.

ArtPapel propose historical techniques of bookbinding and make is products use a mixture of old and modern and contemporary materials: hand made paper, leather and parchment become main characters along with fabric, bookbinding cloth, linen and paper threads in a journey of reclamation of ancient materials in which blend together present influences and styles.

Every diary or photo album is totally handmade, a piece of art made with paper and leather. ArtPapel is a history of paper, we love paper and the goods materials, parchment, leather, ribbons...

We rediscovered the ancient techniques of bookbinding, the Japanese bookbinding, the Coptic and the Arabic, and with old techniques and new materials our products of stationery becomes a pieces of art.

ArtPapel produces is line of stationery only in limited editions of only 100 copies, so when you open one of our notebooks, diaries or photo albums of Florentia Line, or Orient Winds Line, you really open a bookbinding handmade sewing,covered with the beast leathers or cloths